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Toiletries Organizer 
This product is based on my personal experience with gathering up my go-to daily regimen items for frequent weekend trips; 
and wanting to have one organizer that would always have these staple items, that I could unfold and get to it then get on with my day. I have a small vanity, so regaining valuable counter top real estate is also what I needed. This is a fun, quirky organizer that would eliminate cluttered drawers and vanity tops, I want busy women like me to have a StyleStash as THE spot for daily storage of their ready routine.
  • ONE organizer for home and quick trips 

  • Most daily routines consist of 4 to 6 products that are staple items, so

  • the StyleStash organizer offers easy access to the items we use every day;

  • AND the convenience of  having those items be on the go ready anytime.

  • Hangs on hooks and handles - it can be stored in a drawer or lie flat on the vanity for daily use. 

  • Inside organizer grid, middle removable pouch, and clear panel pocket

  • Exterior zipper pockets on both sides

  • Heat resistant pad for styling tools

The images on this page are for design illustration and demonstration purposes. The featured item is a mock-up or prototype that may not have all the features or finishes of the intended final product.

clear pock (1).jpg
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