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Jeannine started keeping a journal about 20 years ago when 'journaling' became a thing. Over time, she noticed that her journal had morphed into a sketch book - it turned out that sketching, not writing, was her how she de-stressed. She also realized that what she wanted more than anything was to pursue work that satisfied her desire to create. After making sure she accomplished what she called "the all grown milestones" (degree, married, a house in the 'burbs), Jeannine decided it was finally time to start her own business. On September 11th, 2001 as she prepared to send out the announcement about her new venture, terrorist attacks devastated the World Trade Center. Scrapping the launch and leaning into her faith, she trusted that the right time would eventually come.

Working hard on corporate gigs in the meantime, Jeannine put her passion on the back burner for 12 years. She says looking back the 'meantime' was a blessing - she's thankful that she had time to grow, understand her unique entrepreneurial bent, and focus the type of work that she's wicked good at. Jeannine lives part time in Southern NJ, and part time in Virginia Beach with Lucky, her sweet but very cheeky little Beagle-Jack Russel. They're a great team, collaborating on inventions she hopes will eventually become consumer products that folks will wonder how they ever lived without.

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